THE LEAST, WORST, OPTION – New Mental Health Services for Trans Kids Just Another Avenue for Detransition

An anonymous source inside of NHS Gender Services answers the concerns posed by trans young people and their family members who feel confused and concerned about receiving letters from the new Young People’s Gender Service offering dubious mental health services. On 1 May around forty young trans people and their Continue Reading

Talking to Thin Air – Understanding Transgender Life in Parliament

Trans community members, parents, family members and allies gathered on the 17th of April in a small room in 1 Parliament Street to discuss with and offer visiting MPs a chance to interact with transgender people directly. Those in attendance were invited by openly trans MP for Bridgend and Porthcawl, Continue Reading


Police and protestors clash as trans youth and allies demonstrate outside the Royal College of General Practitioners headquarters on Euston Square on the 23rd of March in protest of the CAN-SG conference taking place inside. ‘This is what community looks like!’ they declare, standing against what they believe to be Continue Reading