We are a UK based news outlet for the trans community.

We assume the reader is trans, we don’t make any attempts to appeal to cis people and the only thing we care about when it comes to what we cover is: “will this be of benefit to our audience?”

This whole thing is made in some peoples bedrooms. We will never do ads and never chase clicks for any reason other than if we think you need to see what we have going on.

We don’t speak for trans people. We try to speak to them.

If we fuck up, contact us, we will try not to be dicks about it.

Who the hell do you think you are?

Fine, this is who we are:

Ashleigh Talbot

Ashleigh is an activist, “media queer” and an excellent bass player in two bands (Ded.Pixl and St. Lucifer). She started reporting on the LGBTQIA+ community back in 2014 when she produced and presented “That’s Pride” on local Manchester television. Once that came to an end, she decided to go off and make her own thing and in 2017 she launched What The Trans!? with Michelle.

You will probably find her at pretty much every queer event in the Manchester area because she NEVER STOPS MOVING.

Picture of Michelle
Michelle Snow

Michelle is a journalist but not like those ones who ruin your life for pennys. She started covering the trans news beat in 2015 when she woke up one morning, decided to try journalism and got a thing published in the New Statesman on the first attempt. She then went on to work for PinkNews but then once the work dried up she decided to make her own thing… you can see where this is going.

You will probably find her at the back of a trans pride, trying desperately to get her dictaphone to stop being a dick.