Anti-trans EHRC commissioner gives talk to anti trans Guardian staff network.

Above is a photo of Akua Reindorf (Middle) at the LGB Alliance conference, whilst also holding a tote back with a Labour Woman’s Declaration logo on it. In early December an openly transphobic staff network [AB1] called the Guardian and Observer Sex Equality and Equity Group (SEE) held a presentation for Continue Reading

PODCAST – Catching Up With the USA

On this episode, Ashleigh and Alyx go over; References Hackney by-election. Scotland New clinic Dr Horton’s article The Cherry on top Evan Urquhart

Pro-Life = Risk to Life

Outside of the Home office was a crowd of hundreds of people. All stood there to oppose an event and a march. A march organised by an Anti Abortion group called March For Life. Their aim was to “ to stand up for the right to life of unborn children”.  Continue Reading

Labour U-Turns On Trans Self Declaration Pledge

Our resident Trans Man, Alex Maguire, writes about Labour’s policy u-turn, the backlash, and why it’s happening. Plus, what YOU can do to fight back.