PODCAST – A Cass-astrophic Review (Part One)

On this extremely chonky episode, Ashleigh and Alyx walk you through; NHS Consultation: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/nhs-constitution-10-year-review References Proposed Changes to NHS Constitution Telegraph article gleefully discussing proposed changes PinkNews article focusing on Kier Starmer QueerAF Article about potential safeguarding referrals for trans-supportive parents Calamitous Kemi’s Call for Evidence of a Non-Existent Problem Continue Reading

Social Transition, Puberty Blockers and the Cass Review (Podcast transcript)

Hello, my name is Dr Cal Horton, I’m a Research Fellow focused on the experiences, rights and well-being of trans children. I’ve been deeply immersed in the literature on this topic for many years, and followed the Cass Review initially with hope, and more recently with a great deal of Continue Reading