PODCAST – Election Decompression

On this bumper episode, Alyx, Ashleigh and Leigh talk about: EHRC Consultation – Draft Strategic Plan 2025 – 2028 | EHRC References: General Election Labour drops ban on ‘woke’ LGBT lanyards Kier Starmer Keir Starmer: Trans women don’t have right to use women’s spaces (thepinknews.com) Starmer accuses Sunak of using Continue Reading

PODCAST [TRANSCRIBED] – Election Special

On this entirely exciting episode, Ashleigh and Alyx talk about: Tactical voting guide: https://stopthetories.vote/ References The Yes, Prime Minister clip Alyx referred to Kier Starmer Keir Starmer suggests trans women use hospital ‘side rooms’ instead of women’s wards Tony Blair weighs in on trans rights: ‘A woman is with a Continue Reading

PODCAST [TRANSCRIBED] – Blocker Bans and Tory Shams

In this episode, Ashleigh and Alyx break in one of our new hosts, Amber, by talking about: References Blocking Puberty Blockers QueerAF – Let down, horrified and disgusted – parents and young people respond to NHS England’s plans to force trans youth to medically detransition Good Law Project – We’re Continue Reading

PODCAST [TRANSCRIBED] – Reviewing the Cass Review

Our collection of Cass review research and interviews, all helpfully together in one place.  References Good Law Project: We’re taking urgent legal advice on mental health guidance for trans youth Holyrood session with Hilary Cass Trans Safety Network initial statement on the review TSN: The Trouble with Cass’ therapy recommendations Continue Reading