Social Transition, Puberty Blockers and the Cass Review (Podcast transcript)

Hello, my name is Dr Cal Horton, I’m a Research Fellow focused on the experiences, rights and well-being of trans children. I’ve been deeply immersed in the literature on this topic for many years, and followed the Cass Review initially with hope, and more recently with a great deal of Continue Reading

Marriage Equality in Japan: What Alternatives Are There?

Following the March 14th Sapporo High Court decision finding Japan’s lack of marriage equality for same sex couples to be unconstitutional, the government reiterated that its position was unchanged: that the country’s lack of marriage equality was, as far as they were concerned, not an issue. This led the plaintiffs Continue Reading

Florence Ashley, “Gender/Fucking: The Pleasures and Politics of Living in a Gendered Body” (CLASH Books, 2024)

The reader should note from the outset that the book (in case the title wasn’t enough of a clue) is very NSFW. While this review won’t focus on this aspect, jumping straight into the book may land a reader in a situation they weren’t prepared for, so fair warning. It Continue Reading

Trans Community in Scotland Protests Against NHS and Scottish Government Betrayal

In Glasgow on Thursday, around 400 trans people and allies gathered in George Square to protest the decision by the NHSGGC and Sandyford management to implement the Cass Recommendations in Glasgow and possibly Lothian – effectively banning transition care for under 18s – despite vast opposition to Cass and questions Continue Reading