Thailand Recognises Same-Sex Marriage

A graphic with "What The Trans?!" in top left corner, deep purple background and pink white and blue paint splotches on the edges. in the centre it says "New Article: Thailand Recognises Same-Sex Marriage"

In some nice queer news, Thailand has become the third country in Asia and the first country in South-East Asia to recognise Same-Sex marriage.

This comes after decades of campaigning by activists who have called the move “a monumental step forward”. The Bill passed with overwhelming support with only 4 votes against and 18 votes abstaining out of the house’s 152 members.

The Legislation has also changed lots of gendered language. Making simple changes away from words like “husband”, “wife”, “man” and “woman”, instead using “spouse”, “partner”, and “person”. Married Queer Couples will also have equal rights when it comes to Child adoption, Inheritance and Healthcare consent. We will most likely be seeing the first same-sex marriages in Thailand later this year as the law will take 120 days to come into force. 

“We will continue our fight for social rights for all people regardless of their status. As we celebrate today, we are proud to be a Pride Friendly Destination and look forward to bringing World Pride to Thailand in 2030.” Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said on Twitter this morning. The Prime Minister also opened his official residence for celebrating activists and supporters while official celebrations took place in central Bangkok. 

Thailand has a reputation for inclusivity and acceptance. Unfortunately in reality this bill took decades to pass due to Thai society being quite socially conservative and many Queer people still experience discrimination in everyday life. “The journey to this point has been long and fraught with challenges, but today’s vote to ensure marriage equality marks a historic moment that deserves celebration,” said Mookdapa Yangyuenpradorn, a spokesperson for Human Rights charity Fortify Rights.