Pro-Life = Risk to Life

Outside of the Home office was a crowd of hundreds of people. All stood there to oppose an event and a march. A march organised by an Anti Abortion group called March For Life. Their aim was to “ to stand up for the right to life of unborn children”.  Continue Reading

EP28: Domestic abuse chats with Diana James

This bi-week:

The press appoints a new guy to regulate them…because that’s how it works apparently…

Andrew Gilligan goes to Downing Street!

Gay Star News closes!

We talk about the ins and outs of the equality act with Tara Hewitt!

We talk about domestic abuse with veteran academic and refuge worker Diana James!

And Michelle reveals an awkward childhood crush!

EP25: UK Black Pride (and London Pride) SUPER SHOW

This by-week:

Michelle covers all the Pride shenanigans London!

Shadow Women & Equalities Minister Dawn Butler tells us how the Government has failed trans people!

Billy Porter (Pose) tells us about Season 2 AND why he loves London!

Annie Wallace (Hollyoaks) talks Pride in London!

Lady Phyll explains why UK Black Pride is important!

We also talk to Callum Henderson (Pride in London), Diana James, Didi Rossi (Queer Strike!), Kenny Ethan Jones, Nate Ethan Watson, Tajah Hamilton (Stonewall) and Wazana Sinyangwe (Movement for Justice)