Jailed Trans Activist Goes On Hunger Strike

Trans Activist Sarah Jane Baker has reportedly been on hunger strike in prison. According to the Free Sarah Jane Baker Campaign Team, Sarah began her hunger strike on Friday the 18th of August and began refusing liquids on Saturday 19th. Baker broke her strike on Sunday the 20th of August, following threats of force feeding. 

This comes after Sarah was recalled to a men’s prison after a speech at London Trans Pride where she said “If you see a TERF, punch them in the f**king face”. Initially the Met had declared her speech “Not in the public interest” to pursue. The Met ended up arresting Sarah Jane Baker, clearly going back on their previous decision. Some speculate that this was due to demands from Suella Braverman, after the Home Secretary posted a tweet that supported the move by the Met to reinvestigate Sarah’s speech.

Her partner, Anita Downs, an NHS Nurse and the leader of the Free Sarah Jane Baker Campaign, told Pink News: “This has happened because of the UK’s political issues and that the government is raging a culture war against trans people who are some of the most oppressed people in society today.” Downs called the situation “sad”, saying “since she’s been released she’s been doing really well”. Anita also mentioned that she feels that her partner is a “political prisoner”.

A demonstration is planned for Baker, outside Westminster Magistrates’ Court at 10AM on Tuesday, 22nd August.