What the news 26/06/23

Pride month has ended, and so has my cruise (I really miss the unlimited drinks), but the moral panic unfortunately has not. It is still going on and on, in a depressing cycle: A cycle of things like physical attacks on trans activists by fascists, and the date for the announcement on whether the LGB alliance can legally  be called a charity… Read below to learn more:

Monday: Met admits it’s ‘possible’ that LGBTQ activist was injured by officer 

Following an attack on trans activists by fascist group Turning Point UK, multiple trans activists defending the Honour Oak Park ended up with multiple injuries. Including ones caused by the police. The police, however, claims it was “possible” that the LGBTQ+ activist sustained injury while an officer was making an arrest. So they haven’t confirmed it, or denied it either. Whilst dining with the fascists simultaneously. 

It’s hard to explain everything that happened on the scene. I you want that, this article does the heavy lifting. Jess does a great job at recording all the events and such.  It is alarming to see the police act like this, and it’s an absolute outrage that this has not been covered by mainstream outlets. The whole situation is horrifying to read about. 

Tuesday: Court date set for challenge to UK veto over gender recognition reform bill

On Tuesday, the date for the court challenge to the use of Section 35 to block the Gender Recognition Bill passed by the Scottish parliament will be held from the 19th to the 21st of September. 

We have a date, now we just need to see how it goes. 

Wednesday: LGBT veterans call for prime minister apology for their treatment

Multiple veterans who have been sacked or forced out of the military have called for an apology from the prime minister for poor treatment towards them in the past. This is following an independent review into the armed forces, on the historical impact on the bans of LGBTQ people from the armed forces. 

According to the end of the article, the government said “we are proud of our LGBT veterans and grateful for their service in defence of our nation. The treatment of LGBT serving personnel pre-2000 was wholly unacceptable and does not reflect today’s Armed Forces,” which is basically everything but, “we apologise” or the word “sorry “. I suppose we need to wait for the report to be released. 

Thursday: Puberty blocker drugs under review by New Zealand’s Ministry of Health 

In September, the New Zealand Ministry of Health said that “puberty blockers are a safe and fully reversible medicine”. However on Thursday, the NZ  ministry of health said they are “reviewing the safety and reversibility of puberty blockers”. 

This is certainly interesting news. This article seems to point to the UK a lot. I’m hoping this wasn’t our government’s fault. All we can do is hope that, in 3 months, they declare it is safe.

Friday: US Supreme Court rules website designer can refuse to serve same-sex couples

On Friday, the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of a graphics designer for refusing to design a website for a gay couple due to her religious beliefs. This then means that businesses may have a legal ability to discriminate against people based on race or other protected characteristics. 

A law that greenlights discrimination. Really horrifying to read. 

Saturday: Court verdict date announced for LGB Alliance’s charity status

On Saturday, a court announced it would be handing down the verdict on whether the LGB Alliance should have been given the status of a charity organisation. The date of the announcement will be given at 10pm on Thursday (6th July). 

We don’t know how this will go. There is very limited case law on this, so the situation is unpredictable. When this verdict is announced, news outlets and twitter will probably explode. I recommend everyone to brace yourselves. If the LGB alliance wins the case, the media will plaster this everywhere in the news. If the LGB alliance loses, it will go all over the news anyway, and still paint LGBT people as the baddies anyway. 

(As of time of publishing, the case was dismissed and Mermaids lost the case)

Sunday: Anti-trans youths shoot BB guns at Bristol Trans Pride picnic

On Sunday, two anti-trans assailants attacked a trans pride picnic with BB guns and shot at people eating lunch at the picnic at Bristol Pride. Bristol police say that they are investigating. 

Can’t we live in peace? Can’t we eat a fucking sandwich without being attacked in the park? I hope these attackers face justice on this. 


It’s been a busy week, lots of bad news this week, and it’s bound to get busy next week. We do have something to keep an eye out for next week: the LGB Alliance case is coming on Thursday. But we will have to see how that goes… 

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