What The News 12/06/23

Alyx is getting drunk on a boat somewhere so this week you have me (Michelle Snow) covering for her. Here’s the last week’s big stories!

Monday: Parliament debates ruining the Equality Act

As a result of two parliament petitions surpassing 100,000 signatures MPs got together in Westminster hall to debate whether the Equality Act should be amended to define sex as purely biological. Anti-trans activists argue that this would ‘clarify’ the act despite the act already being pretty clear about trans inclusion.

The debate was, of course, horrific to watch. Most MPs (almost all being Conservative) stood to spout how they were not transphobic but believed that ‘clarifying’ trans protections out of the Equality Act was a great thing. Thankfully it appeared that the government plan on ‘going slowly’ according to women’s minister Maria Caulfield who pointed out that the Equality Act currently allows excluding trans people in limited circumstances.

Tuesday: Outrage at Joanna Cherry MP ‘rolling eyes’ at trans person’s suicidal thoughts (CN – Scottish Daily Express article)

During the debate on Monday it was noted by many in the community that infamous anti-trans SNP MP Joanna Cherry rolled her eyes when fellow SNP MP Kirsty Blackman read a message she received from a suicidal trans person.

This speaks for itself, whilst Cherry and her defenders claimed that it was inappropriate to bring up the subject of suicide in a parliamentary debate, it’s clear that trans people’s lives are not high on Cherry’s list of important matters.

Wednesday: A new trans sports ban, this time in cycling time trials

Sustain Health reported that trans women will be banned from competing in women’s competitions. This comes after a spate of trans bans across multiple sports across the globe including many in the UK.

This particular ban is harsher than most other bans in that it explicitly bans anyone who wasn’t designated female at birth from competing in women’s competitions.

In other words: this is banning trans women explicitly because they are trans.

Thursday: Anti-LGBTQ+ hate crime in Scotland at record levels, new report shows

PinkNews reported data from Scotland’s prosecutions service that showed a stark increase in hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people. According to the new data the number of transgender hate crimes reported has dropped by a third since the previous year, compared to a decade ago the number has more than doubled from 25 to 55.

Anti-trans hate crimes have been on the rise in the UK for many years now, but there is some hope with these new numbers that possibly in the future they will start going down. But considering how the moral panic rumbles on, we wouldn’t bet any money on that.

Friday: Home improvement retailer Wickes faces boycott over trans support

One of WTT’s favourite and most surprisingly useful news websites, Retail Gazette, reported that home improvement chain Wickes is facing a boycott from anti-trans customers.

This whole thing started last year when Wickes ran a float at Pride in London that displayed their support for transgender people. This latest flare up came up after Wickes COO Fraser Longden said that transphobes were not welcome in Wicke’s stores.

Not going to lie, it is really good to see a brand not back down to the ongoing moral panic. Budweiser could learn something from Wickes.

Saturday: Take That member criticised for anti-LGBT Twitter nonsense

Take That haven’t exactly been relevant for years but this was the big story on Saturday.

Has been pop-star Howard Donald liked a bunch of anti-LGBT crap on Twitter, was dropped as a performer at Nottingham Pride. He gave a hollow apology…

…and I just stopped caring. Next.

Sunday: Legendary pro-wrestler CM Punk takes stand on trans youths

CM Punk is a big name in professional wrestling and during a recent show for wrestling franchise AEW he made it clear that he expects his fans to defend trans youths. According to a report by PinkNews the wrestler grabbed a sign from the crowd stating “defend LGBTQ+ youths”, and gave a speech defending the LGBT community.

Professional wrestling isn’t exactly known for its support for our community, but maybe that is about to change.


The moral panic rolls on, but there is some hope. A drop in Scottish anti-trans hate crimes, support from Wickes, a well regarded wrestler and MPs standing up for us in parliament are things to cling onto.

And every moral panic has to end at some point.

Honourable mentions: 


Violence in Azerbaijan steps up after trans women are attacked by police (Good Men Project)

Megan Fox fights back against transphobes who targeted her trans child (Cosmopolitan)

US president Joe Biden hosts over 1000 LGBT guests at the Whitehouse for pride month (Advocate)

Support for trans inclusive policies among lowest in the world (Canary)


A State of Emergency for LGBTQ+ Travelers in the U.S. Has Repercussions for Outdoor Recreation (Outside)

Whitehouse bans three trans people who went topless at pride reception (BBC News)

Malaysia ‘second worst country’ for transgender community, study finds (MalayMail)

Janelle Monáe speaks out about trans rights in recent interview (Diva)


Trail-blazing trans comedian Jordan Grey announces a new tour (Bristol247)

Texas family moves so trans teen can escape anti-LGTBQ laws: ‘I’d rather be out than dead’ (Independent)


Texas bans transgender women, girls from collegiate athletics (The Tribune)

New Spider-man film banned in the United Arab Emirates possibly over ‘Protect Trans Kids’ message (New Arab)

Amnesty International submits report to UN concerning colonialist roots of anti LGBT discrimination and violence (Amnesty International)


U.S. Catholic bishops to create first guidelines for trans health care (that sounds like conversion therapy) (Washington Post)

In 2012 Trump praised a transgender beauty pageant contestant (Political Wire)

Church of England appoints Rachel Mann as first transgender Archdeacon (Telegraph -archived)

JK Rowling’s rape crisis centre to receive Police Scotland victim referrals (Scottish Daily Express – contains transphobia)