What The News 01/05/23

It’s election week! And it’s also coronation week! But despite this, trans news never sleeps… lawsuits abound, employees under the microscope, the Tory chair attacking trans people again…. Rishi denies backing Ron Desantis, and that is just half of it! Continue reading to find out more! 

Monday Parents ‘suing government’ over schools supporting trans kids 

On Monday, the Bad Law Project, an organisation founded by Lawrence Fox, announced it would be suing the department of education over teaching “gender ideology” in schools, claiming it is dangerous, and try to define “gender Ideology” in law. 

How do you call yourself the Bad Law Project and not think of yourself as the bad guys? All they need is a bloody skull and crossbones on their logo and it would just about fit. So, whether this does something, I don’t know. Given recent news on RHSE reviews and the trans schools guidance, it seems rather redundant. 

Tuesday Website launches that monitors which companies offer trans inclusive healthcare coverage. 

Trans Healthcare is a shitty mess in the UK. And this new site “lists UK companies that offer gender dysphoria medical cover as part of their medical packages”.

A really cool site and I hope this adds pressure on employers to consider adding themselves to the site. The one thing that does irk me a tad bit is that it shows trans people in the UK need to rely on an American style of healthcare. But I won’t pin that on the site here, just the general state of affairs. 

Wednesday  Tory chair Greg Hands: Lefty councils will ‘erode single-sex spaces’

On Wednesday, the chair of the Conservative Party claimed that if people don’t vote Tory, Labour and other parties will “erode women’s rights’, ‘abolish single-sex spaces’ and remove protections away from women. 

As I said, it’s election time. The Tories will try anything to try and get themselves elected… Though with the thousand-seat loss we saw on Friday. I think the British government still told the Tories to fuck right off.

Thursday Rishi Sunak addresses controversial Ron DeSantis meetings

Following news of Kemi Badendoch allegedly backing Florida’s anti-LGBT laws, the government was quick to deny they were “endorsing” Ron-Desantis’ presidential bid. 

As much as they don’t endorse Ron, it doesn’t exactly give me much confidence: they didn’t really denounce or comment on the anti-LGBT laws the Florida Governor was trying to  implement., which just shows our government didn’t want to deny they were “committed” to doing the same”. Keep that in mind. 

Friday First trans councillor in Manchester history 

In the local elections held on Thursday, it was found that the Tories asses was thoroughly whooped and got told to fuck off. Alongside this, the first trans councillor was elected in Manchester!

I love seeing this stuff in the news. And it made a good day even better, because I saw the Tories lose, Then seeing this… My god, Friday was good. 

Saturday: Sex education guidance expanded for schools in Northern Ireland

There has been increased fear around education reform in the UK for trans people, especially in fears that it will scrap any progressive measures it originally had. In this article, it details what is expected in northern Ireland. I had a skim through the original guidance (which wasn’t linked by the BBC). It had some good things in there. When it comes to outing trans kids to parents, it doesn’t say you should, but alongside this it doesn’t exactly say not to do it either. 

We still have to see how big of a car crash the English one is, but we will have to wait and see. 

Sunday: Ken Paxton launches another attack on trans healthcare in Texas 

On Sunday. Texas began a case to sue a healthcare provider for performing gender affirming care for trans youth. This is despite gender affirming care not technically being illegal. However, in this case, the person bringing this forward wants it to be labelled as child abuse. 

The last bit about it not being child abuse is interesting, but only time will tell on this one. Things are bad in red states as it is. I can only look at the US and look on in horror. 


All things considered, two or three of these days, I had a bit of a struggle to find big stories, but one or two of the days, I was struggling to pick which ones would be headlines. Due to the local elections and the coronation, it’s not surprising that in the UK, it has been a slower news week for once, which is always a relief. Given the pace of it for the past month, I can only guess this is temporary. 

Honourable mentions


Trans lawmaker Zooey Zephyr sues state of Montana over ‘unconstitutional’ censure 

Alarming number of young LGBTQ people considered attempting suicide in past year 


Trans journalist Erin Reed is Swatted

Uganda’s parliament passes mostly unchanged anti-LGBTQ bill 


Trans Journalist Erin Reed Proposes to Trans Lawmaker Zooey Zephyr

(I don’t usually do extra notes on stories. But congratulations to both of them!)

LGBT+ youth facing ‘widespread mental health crises’, research finds 

Judge rejects Zooey Zephyr’s bid to return to Montana House 


‘Butch’ female bikers defend drag queen story event (thepinknews.com)


UCI recognises transgender policy ‘concerns’ and reopens consultation 


Met accused of ‘siding’ with rightwing group in anti-drag act protest