What The News 24/04/24

The UN is coming to inspect the UK, the trade unions are doing cool stuff, and the Good Law Project does some good things in court. Despite a glimmer of good news, inevitably things go wrong… Read further to find out more. 

Monday:  UN Expert to assess the UK on how it treats LGBT rights 

So on Monday, an expert from the UN is coming to the UK to assess the situation of LGBT rights. They will speak to numerous people in and outside of government to then provide recommendations on how the UK is doing on LGBT rights.
I know the UN has been very vocal in support for LGBT people, and bringing an expert to look at it seems encouraging, but we need to ensure we temper our expectations. Especially when GANHRI reaccredited the EHRC with A status despite it’s clear failings, though it did point out some important points

Tuesday: NHS commits to greater protection for young trans people seeking healthcare

This headline is more of a thing I’d call a definitive win. In this, the NHS argued that trans kids aren’t protected under the Equality Act. The Good Law Project argued against this and won. This now means that the NHS will have to “Develop policies that don’t unlawfully discriminate” against trans kids. This was a part of their case against the NHS on its unlawful waiting times.

I’m not too sure in what cases this will change much. Until they improve the capacity of their clinics, the waiting lists will still be there. I’m no expert, so I have to guess that it may be improving the treatment stages? We can wait and see. 

Wednesday: Trans Montana lawmaker expelled from Montana House of Representatives 

On Wednesday Zooey Zephyr was expelled from the state House of Representatives for saying that if lawmakers voted to strip healthcare from trans youth, they would have “blood on their hands”.

What the fuck? (That’s all I can bring myself to say right now). 

Thursday: Rishi Sunak refuses to condemn anti-drag protests

In Prime Minister’s Questions, Vicky Foxcroft asked the Prime M sinister to condemn the anti drag queen Story Hour protests. The Prime Minister refused to do so, then pivoted to say he was reviewing age-appropriate materials being covered in school. Which is particularly horrid considering what he is implying with this. It is also important to bring up that one anti-drag protester the week previously was sentenced for a hate crime which basically found him harassing someone through digital means, and so badly it was considered a hate crime. 

This is the type of person the Prime Minister is refusing to condemn. 

Friday: Mother loses case suing school for taking her kid to a pride parade. 

In June 2018 this person’s child was taken by the school to attend a pride event. She claimed her child was discriminated against for their religious beliefs by being made to take part in the event. Fortunately the case was dismissed. However, the mother will be appealing the ruling.

Of course she had to have had her legal team from “Christian Concern”. Not going to say any more: knowing my luck, if I aired my views I’d be sued. It appears that the mother will appeal, hopefully they lose. 

Saturday: Trade Unions Congress launches new alliance to advocate for trans people.

On Saturday, the TUC held an event with LGBT rights campaigners to discuss how trade unions can help campaign and “organise together for trans rights”. This was following a motion passed by the TUC calling for more to be done to campaign for trans people. There is some good stuff in that motion, so more seems to be coming. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the event, but it did sound really cool. Hopefully this leads to more unions campaigning for trans rights. 

Sunday: Trans kids to be banned from PE lessons

This story was originally published by The Times back in March. However, The Sun has dug up the story again, using examples like trans kids doing rugby – but didn’t elaborate on anything. 

And this guidance is not looking promising either, given its origins, how it was announced, and who is heading it. As the EHRC was developing guidance, and the fact they said parents needed to be “front and centre”, and that “you have to involve the parents”. Just by the intent of how they announced it I will have to say that people will have to expect the worst. 


So, some wins this week, but a few bits of bad news too. Though the majority of the headlining news was quite positive. Which is a change for once.

In terms of making predictions for next week, On the 5th of May there will be a press conference for the UN expert, so keep an eye out for that, but aside from that. I can’t really guess what the outlook of next week will be. All we can do is wait and see… 

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