PODCAST – A Cass-astrophic Review (Part Two)

On this lengthy episode of What the Trans?! Ashleigh and Alyx talk about;

  • A brief talk about the upcoming UK general election.
  • New suggested school guidance that’s basically a new Section 28.
  • Also featuring an interview with Robin Moira White, a barrister with expertise in equalities law, and…
  • Part 2 of our Cass Review deep dive, speaking extensively with Dr Reubs Walsh

NHS Consultation: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/nhs-constitution-10-year-review


Plan to ban private healthcare providers from providing puberty blockers:

Health Secretary has ‘clear intention’ to ban puberty blockers | The Independent

Health Secretary Victoria Atkins commits to banning private gender clinics from prescribing puberty blockers to children | Daily Mail Online (archive.ph)

A new Section 28:

Plan to ban gender identity discussion in schools branded ‘new Section 28’

Plan to ban sex education for children under nine – BBC News

Age limits introduced to protect children in RSHE – GOV.UK

Tories can’t stop people being trans, however hard they might try

Most Brits think schools should teach about different gender identities, YouGov poll shows

Cass Review part 2:

Stonewall’s statement on the Review

Feminist Gender Equality Network‘s (much better) statement

Enquiry into Adult Trans Care (Guardian)

WPATH & USPATH Statement on the Cass Review

Scotland Pauses Puberty Blocker Prescriptions (BBC)