PODCAST – A Cass-astrophic Review (Part One)

On this extremely chonky episode, Ashleigh and Alyx walk you through;

  • Proposed changes to the NHS constitution, why they’re bad and how you can resist them (spoiler warning, it’s another consultation)
  • Calamitous Kemi’s call for evidence of a non-existent problem
  • A poorly-sourced article about DIY HRT for trans people
  • And part one of our deep dive into the Cass Review, mapping out some of the connections between the Cass team and figures in the American far-right, among other things. Featuring Dr Cal Horton, Dr Reubs Walsh and Dr Natacha Kennedy

NHS Consultation: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/nhs-constitution-10-year-review


Proposed Changes to NHS Constitution

Telegraph article gleefully discussing proposed changes

PinkNews article focusing on Kier Starmer

QueerAF Article about potential safeguarding referrals for trans-supportive parents

Calamitous Kemi’s Call for Evidence of a Non-Existent Problem

Call for evidence on Government Website

^^^It would be a tremendous shame if some nefarious people flooded this with maliciously-compliant entries wouldn’t it. Do not do that. Please. No.^^^

Guardian Article

Article in question

Cass Report Deep Dive

Good Law Project: We’re taking urgent legal advice on mental health guidance for trans youth

Holyrood session with Hilary Cass

Trans Safety Network initial statement on the review

TSN: The Trouble with Cass’ therapy recommendations

TSN: Did the NHS ever stop funding conversion therapy?

What the Trans Episode 55 (February 2021, Bell vs. Tavistock)

What the Trans: The Cass Review Needs to be Thrown Out Entirely. This is Why