PODCAST – A Pain in the Cass

On this episode of What the Trans?! Alyx and Ashleigh go over;

  • Problems with GenderGP as highlighted by YouTube’s F1nnster.
  • The UK Council for Psychotherapy removing its signature from the ‘Memorandum of Understanding of Conversion Therapy in the UK’.
  • Trans healthcare for young people in the UK and its many problems, including but not limited to…
  • THE CASS REPORT!! Yes, it’s here and it’s not very good. We take a look at it, featuring an interview with Dr Cora Sargeant.


Gender GP: Treatment of disabled workers, Implementation of AI, No way to cancel subscriptions

UK Council for Psychotherapy: UKCP Statement, The open letter, Pink Therapy statement

Healthcare for trans youngsters: iNews article

Cass review: TandF Online Article, Amnesty response, TransActual briefing, Trans Safety Network statement