Women of… (Kinoteka 2024) A Review

“Women Of… (Kinoteka 2024)” delves deep into the struggles of trans individuals, particularly focusing on the journey of Andrzej, now Aniela, as they navigate identity, acceptance, and discrimination. The film poignantly portrays the challenges faced by trans people, shedding light on the harsh realities they endure.

Andrzej’s internal conflict and eventual transition to Aniela are portrayed with sensitivity, showcasing the complexities of gender identity. The deceitful act of lying to the doctor about low hormones adds a layer of tension and desperation to the narrative, reflecting the lengths some individuals may go to in order to align with their true selves.

The quote, “I feel a pull to the other side,” resonates deeply, encapsulating the emotional turmoil and longing for authenticity that many trans individuals experience. The exploration of cross-dressing, gender research, and the eventual stealthy transition, followed by being caught, adds a sense of urgency and vulnerability to Aniela’s journey.

The film powerfully addresses the societal challenges faced by trans individuals, including discrimination in various facets of life such as work, legal recognition, and interactions with authority figures like judges and priests. The poignant moment in the meeting with other trans people, where the harsh reality of living a lie before transitioning is highlighted, underscores the societal prejudices and misconceptions faced by the trans community.

Despite the obstacles and hardships depicted, the film also showcases moments of acceptance and understanding, offering a glimpse of hope and progress in the face of long-standing struggles. The portrayal of Aniela’s legal battles, divorce, and eventual recognition serve as a testament to the resilience and strength of trans individuals in fighting for their rights and identities.

Overall, “Women Of… (Kinoteka 2024)” is a thought-provoking and poignant portrayal of the challenges faced by trans individuals, not only in Poland but globally. While the film may lack some narrative depth and character development, it is raw and an authentic depiction of the trans experience.

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