What The news 05/06/23

It has been another long week. Lots of different stories. Some good, some bad. Read more to see the ugly too. 

Monday UK government urged to open route for LGBTQ Ugandan refugees

On Monday, the UK government stated that they are “unable to make routes available for every eventuality” in response to a recent anti-LGBT bill that makes being LGBT a death penalty offence in Uganda. When the government was approached by Pink news, the government “Failed to provide firm details”. 

Not surprised, but disappointed. LGBT people are threatened with the death penalty, and people need safety, but they won’t provide it because of the constant racist culture war they are waging. And they are willing to risk people dying for it. 

Tuesday EHRC discord deepens after inquiry into complaints against chair paused 

Following a recent Channel 4 News report, the EHRC is still feeling the after effects of the damning claims of bullying, harrassment and discrimination from staff. The Guardian explains some of the reactions to the claims, and includes some insights into the EHRC before it. This adds more evidence to claims of a culture of bullying and a lack of independence. 

This article didn’t surprise me. But in a way it affirms what we think. There was even a section where Falkner called Lizz Truss her boss! Which is exactly the opposite of what the role is!

Wednesday: Sex education: Protesters lose bid to appeal High Court judgment 

Following the introduction of a progressive sex education curriculum in schools that would include LGBTQIA relationships, the group Public Child Protection Wales fought and lost the lawsuit to prevent the curriculum from being taught. 

Some good news on education. They were trying to bring another section 28. And the courts seem to disagree with it. Education is still on a knife edge, with RHSE reviews coming up and the trans kids guidelines yet to be published. We still need to keep an eye on education. 

Thursday: Maryland Governor Declares Maryland A Trans Sanctuary State 

Another good report by Erin Reed. The state of Maryland has declared itself a sanctuary state that prevents trans people who have fled other states with anti trans laws from extraditing trans people, and also protects medical records and people who assist the trans people in escaping. 

The US, it’s getting wild. And the fact that they are having to become “Sanctuary” states is something that shouldn’t have had to happen. But it needed to happen due to the circumstances. 

Friday: Iceland bans ‘conversion therapy’ in unanimous vote

On Friday, the country (Not the shop), banned conversion therapy for all LGBTQIA people. In a unanimous vote. 

Another one to add to the list. There have been a large number of countries still passing these bills, and it does give a good glimmer of hope. The UK is still meandering its way through the issue, it’s doubtful it will pass soon… 

Saturday: Joe Biden pledges urgent new support for LGBTQ Americans

On Saturday, US president Joe Biden held a pride party on the White House lawn, flying progress flags on the building. Biden also announced some programs to fight the increasing hate fermenting over the country, including funds and programs to help trans kids’ parents and much more. 

It is good news that the US government has this stance, but at the moment the country is in a state of emergency according to the Human Rights Campaign. And there needs to be more urgent action. 

Sunday: NHS to restrict prescribing puberty blockers for trans youth 

According to a new service specification for NHS gender identity clinics for transgender youths, the NHS will only prescribe puberty blockers to trans youths if they qualify for and enrol in a research project.

NHS England have said they hope to launch the research project in 2024, after the new clinics begin operating at the end of the year.

This is potentially a massive restriction that could result in vulnerable young people being denied healthcare they need. Stonewall released a statement saying it was highly unethical to coerce patients into being research subjects to receive healthcare.

They are very right.


The NHS news, I think, needs some close attention. There wasn’t much in terms of news on subjects like gender recognition or adult healthcare, or the equality act. By the time this comes out, the recent equality act debate will have happened, but that probably isn’t going to be great. No other predictions from me this week. 

Honourable mentions: 


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