LGB Alliance grants press pass to far right ‘journalist’ Andy Ngo

The LGB Alliance has confirmed that they granted a far right journalist who has been accused of conspiring with violent far right activists a press pass for their first conference.

Andy Ngo's twitter image
Andy Ngo (Source: Twitter)

Ngo, editor at large for ‘conservative’ website The Post Millenial has a history of reporting on far right events in US. In 2019 he was caught on video ‘hanging out’ with members of Patriot Prayer, a group that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a US based hate monitoring organisation, has accused of instigating violence and holding far right views.

His reporting has frequently been accused of being misleading but has widely been embraced by the US right wing establishment and has been platformed here in the UK by Talk Radio and the Spectator.

The LGB Alliance in the past has denied involvement with the far right, but this did not appear to stop them from issuing a press pass to a ‘journalist’ that has frequently been accused of wilfully inaccurate reporting on those who counter protest far right events in an attempt to mainstream far right groups.

We as an outlet also approached the LGB Alliance for a press delegate pass but received no response.

On the day, Ngo claimed on his Twitter that there was an increased security presence at the LGB Alliance’s conference venue due to “the extremism of some radical trans activists” but when we approached security staff at the venue and asked them to confirm this they claimed that this was not true.

Previously Ngo has shared images of a trans rights protest that took place in London in August to his followers which resulted in the widespread online harassment of attendees and organisers.

It is unknown whether the LGB Alliance were aware of this when they granted him a press pass to their event.