EP 32: Trans witchcraft vs The Government

It is the spooky season, so Ash talks magic, queers and witches!

Former minister appears to reveal the results of the gender recognition act consultation. Why didn’t anyone else report this?

A General election is coming: who shouldn’t you vote for?

And a Stonewall founder is attacking the trans community! We talk to Stonewall founders Lisa Power and Duncan Campbell for their take!

EP31: Why non-binary people are valid

This bi-week:

Gender recognition act reform is being abandoned?

Voter ID laws may be a thing soon!

A summary of all the events at the US Supreme court!

We talk to Theo Hendrie (YouTuber) and May Bowen (podcaster on Nuanced Nonsense) about why anti-non-binary sucks and you should cut it out!

And why the hell are transphobes organizing a margarine boycott?

EP30: A tale of two supreme courts

This bi-week-

We go deep into the US Supreme Court’s upcoming LGBT employment discrimination hearings.

The UK has decided to list a Dad as a Mum for no good reason!

Brexit is…well, you know.

The Times is awful! Again!

And Ashleigh plays Untitled Goose Game!

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