EP 32: Trans witchcraft vs The Government

It is the spooky season, so Ash talks magic, queers and witches!

Former minister appears to reveal the results of the gender recognition act consultation. Why didn’t anyone else report this?

A General election is coming: who shouldn’t you vote for?

And a Stonewall founder is attacking the trans community! We talk to Stonewall founders Lisa Power and Duncan Campbell for their take!




  • Episode 32 notes & references

  • 1. Lisa Power talk

    Lisa Power is great, here she is talking about founding Stonewall


    2. Lisa Power and Duncan Campbell info

    Follow them. They are great.



    3. Dawn butler calls out the government at the Pink News awards



    4. Boris Johnson/Downing Street statement

    What we asked:

    The Mail on Sunday reported on the 5th of October that a senior government source told them that Lizz Truss was handed the women & equalities brief by Dominic Cummings in an attempt to “strangle” the issue of GRA reform. Is this true?

    At the Pink News awards last week, former women & equalities minister Penny Mordaunt said that she believes the British people are “good” and she knows that because (in her words): “Unlike you, I have seen the results of the consultation.” She also went in to seemingly call for the release of the consultation results. Has the Prime Minister seen the results? Is he involved in the decision in reguards to when the results will be released?

    What are the Prime Ministers current views on Gender Recognition Act reform?

    Statement they sent to us:

    A Downing Street spokesperson said:

    “The PM has a long and strong record on LGBT rights, and he is a proud champion of equality. He has been repeatedly clear that we must do more to ensure that trans rights are protected.

    “That’s why we have consulted on potential reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. It is vital that any next steps are carefully considered and have the right backing in order to have a positive impact on the trans community in the UK.

    “The Government received more than 100,000 responses to the consultation and met with 140 organisations to ensure concerns were heard from all sides of the debate. We’ll set out next steps in due course.”

    5. Liz Truss/Government eqaulity office statement

    Questions we asked:

    The Mail on Sunday reported that a “senior government source” told
    them that Lizz Truss got the women & eqaulities brief from Dominic
    Cummings because the minister is against “children being helped to seek
    transition” thinks giving her the brief will “strangle” the issue. Is
    this true?

    What are the minister’s views on GRA reform?

    What are the minister’s views on transgender children?

    Last week Penny Mordaunt heavily implied that the results of the GRA
    consultation were “good” and called on the government to release the
    results of the consultation. Can we get a comment from the minister on
    this? Is it true that the results are in favour of GRA reform?

    Can we have a copy of the consultation results? If not, why not?

    It has been just over a year since the consultation came to a close,
    why haven’t the results been released yet? Is Downing Street ordering
    the GEO to hold back on releasing the results?

    Statement they sent to us:

    It is vital that the next steps on any potential reform of the Gender Recognition Act are carefully planned, and have the right backing so they can have a positive impact on the adult trans community in the UK.

    We had more than 100,000 responses to our consultation and have met with 140 organisations to ensure that we have taken into account views and concerns from all sides of the debate. We will announce more detail on our proposed next steps in due course.

    At the Pink New Awards, Minister for Equalities, Baroness Williams, said:

    “I remain committed to the reform of the GRA…I want as minister [of state] for equalities to live in a world where people at work and at home can be who they are.”

    In July, as part of the LGBT Action Plan, the Government announced its intention to publish a call for evidence on the experiences of people who have a non-binary gender identity.

    This is an emerging and complicated area of policy, and one in which the Government is still developing its research and understanding.The evidence gathered from this exercise will inform the Government’s next steps in this area.


    Seriously, fucking vote ya jabroni.


    7. Trigger warning and the safe spaces

    This band are amazing. Go get their album (pay what you want!)


    8. Witchy Reading list.

    History and theory

    Political/Feminist aspects
    Becoming Dangerous – edited by Katie West & Jasmine Elliott

    Buy: https://fictionandfeeling.com/pages/becoming-dangerous

    Witches, Sluts, Feminists – Kristen J Sollée

    Buy: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9780996485272

    Caliban & the Witch – Silvia Federici

    Free PDF!: https://libcom.org/files/Caliban%20and%20the%20Witch.pdf

    Straight-up witchcraft;

    Casting a Queer Circle: Non-Binary Witchcraft – Thista Minai

    Buy: https://www.asphodelpress.com/index.php?q=book.html&title=queer-circle

    Queer Magic – edited by Lee Harrington & Tai Felix Kulystin

    Buy: https://www.waterstones.com/book/queer-magic/lee-harrington/tai-fenix-kulystin/9781942733799

    Witchcraft for Tomorrow – Doreen Valiente

    Buy: https://www.waterstones.com/book/witchcraft-for-tomorrow/doreen-valiente/9780709052449

    9. Philosophy Tube – Witchcraft, Gender, & Marxism