What The News 15/04/2023

Another week has passed and that means more of the news! Three of the biggest stories focussed on Gender Recognition legislation. Later on in the week, the bigger stories were statements on healthcare. And to finish it off, news on the recent guidance on education. 


New trans law proposed in Vietnam

A new bill was proposed in Vietnam that would create a legal framework for trans people, such as the right to change legal gender in the first place. This could be a huge victory for the Vietnamese trans community if it becomes law. It seems as if every country except the UK or US is doing something good.


Non-binary Californian sues the UK Government

Following that, since we don’t even have non binary recognition anywhere in the UK, hopefully this should change that. Let’s just hope. 


Scotland to challenge the UK government on their Section 35 Order

Decision on gender reform legal battle ‘imminent’ – Yousaf – BBC News

Another lawsuit I hope also succeeds. This week is a profitable week for lawyers! 


Two big headlines on this day.

Petition calling to keep LGBT content in school curriculum reaches 100k signatures

Really good news, hopefully it should force the government to update us on things. 

LGBT Labour considering not participating in Prides

Tom Harwood on Twitter

Given recent news about the Labour party, this is no surprise, and tells us a lot about the party at the moment. Especially this news that came on Monday about Keir Starmer meeting with a homophobic church.


Savid Javid threatens jobs of GIDS staff

Child gender clinic reform ‘under threat’, says Sajid Javid – BBC News

Knowing the Tory government, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the good ones that get their jobs axed. 


Good Law Project to appeal judgement that rejected challenge on NHS delays

It was devastating to many when Good Law Project (GLP)’s original challenge on gender-affirming healthcare waiting times was rejected by the UK High Court. The court has granted GLP’s request to appeal this decision), and GLP have been told that there may be “real prospects” that the appeal court will overturn that decision. They are currently fundraising for the costs of this appeal.

Trump blames gun violence on gender affirming care at NRA conference

This sums up the situation in America to me.


The Times claims that the government will advise schools to out trans kids

Teachers ‘must tell parents about pupils’ gender changes’, The Times. (Archive link)

A really troubling article. I did notice that the guidance was non-statutory. This means that if schools can see through the government’s bullshit, they can ignore it. But that relies on schools on a case by case basis, which is never good. 


Another busy week, lots of things happening. Not a lot of positives, not even a Doctor Who announcement… Wish I could make predictions about next week but I have yet to succeed. Maybe eventually patterns will be spotted over what headlines happen over the weeks, but God knows. With the Easter holidays ending soon, maybe there will be a formal announcement by the government on their guidance on Trans Kids ? But that is the only thing I can guess at.  

Honourable mentions of stories


Labour MSP re-appointed as Scottish Labour’s Women’s Health Spokesperson

Kier Starmer criticised for visiting homophobic church


Trans woman welcomed to Women’s only Iftar

Gov.uk petition for legal recognition of non binary people

LGBT Labour recommending government officials to visit inclusive churches criticised


Investigation launched into census figures over trans population

Gay refugee made to feel ‘unwanted and unwelcome’ in the UK

Quarter of trans people forced into closet when starting work


Council deletes inclusive tweet on cervical screenings after transphobic dogpile

Trans football team to be featured in documentary on Sky Sports