We are seeking an audio editor!

So, recently I (Michelle) have been diagnosed with ADHD. This means that some restructuring of how we do things in the backend has to happen.

We never ever wanted to recruit for a regular editor because we know how valuable those skills are and we are not in any position to pay money (neither me or Ashleigh get paid anything, all the Patreon money goes into hosting and currently paying back our Tech Queen for putting up her own money to buy the hosting for this very website). But due to my disability, I need help. Audio editing is a challenge for me, and some extra help would make all the difference (and help us have a higher chance of meeting release deadlines).

So, the role would be to use Audacity to simply cut together the meat of the show. The meat is the second half of the episode where we talk about one big topic, usually with guests. I will send across the processed audio, so all you would have to do is cut it together and make it sound all podcasty (take out gaps, flubs, “problematic mouth sounds” etc) and then send it back. Then I will package it all up and get it out there. You wouldn’t have to deal with music or effects or anything, if those are required I can handle that. This is just about tidying up a bunch of people talking and making it sound snappy. The usual length of The Meat is 25-40 minutes.

If you are fairly competent with Audacity, this should take maybe 2 hours (probably less if you are super good with audacity). We record on Wednesdays and can have the files with you that night (GMT). The edit would need to be completed and sent back to us by 10pm GMT on Thursday night at the latest. This is a tight turnaround, but that is the nature of doing a news show (to make sure the show is as relevant as it can be, we need to be able to turn things around as fast as possible).

Obviously, this would be ideal for a student who is looking to pad out their CV. We are pretty established and will provide any references you want.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us through our contact page, and put in the subject “I wanna edit for you, let me at it!” with your level of knowledge in sound editing, and a little about yourself and we will be in touch!

This position is open to any trans, non-binary, gender variant and/or intersex people (no cisgender people please, we love you, but this is our thing). We ESPECIALLY encourage people of color to get in touch.

Thank you!