We are recruiting for a social media journalist!

What The Trans is a passion project made up of journalism, snark and way too many references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have been going for over two years and whilst we have never made a penny, what we are trying to do is create a news outlet for the UK trans community. We do this through a podcast that is hosted by Michelle Snow (Pink News, New Statesman, INews) and Ashleigh Talbot (That’s Pride Manchester, LGBT Foundation, and far too many other trans related projects). We only have one consideration when we put out content: “What do we believe our audience need to know.”

We are looking for someone to come onboard as a social media journalist. We need someone to run our social media accounts who can also contribute to stories and use social media as a tool for gathering information and sources. This will involve working with Michelle on stories and helping her gather information from the social media world. This role will be public but your identity can be hidden so whilst your words and posts would be public…you would be hidden behind our “branding”. This role can be performed anywhere in the world but due to timezones and the nature of what we do it would be best if you lived in the UK or roughly shared our timezone.

We are a non-profit thing. This will not be paid. It MIGHT become paid WAY DOWN THE LINE if the Patreon ever gets high enough but it is probably best to assume that this will be an unpaid role for the foreseeable future. Don’t assume there is an invisible carrot on a stick.

Duties would involve:

  • Interacting with fans and followers online.
  • Regularly posting content through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook what you believe is important to our audience.
  • Reacting to the latest trans related news developments.
  • Monitoring the UK (and wider) trans community through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media’s of your choice.
  • Working with Michelle on research for stories.
  • Keeping the team informed of developments on ongoing stories from the social media side.
  • Using social media to grow our audience.
  • Attend editorial meetings and contribute ideas.
  • Telling Michelle to shut up the next time she starts ranting about how awesome Jeff Rosenstock is.

Who we are hoping to find:

  • A trans or non-binary person.
  • Someone who is available for a 4-6 hours a week (mostly made up of sporadic updating of social media content)
  • Someone with the ability to block assholes on-sight and not get bogged down in arguments.
  • Someone who is very personable who can establish relationships with sources quickly.
  • Someone with an understanding of the issues facing the trans community in the UK and around the world.
  • Someone with experience with Buffer or some other social media tool would be AMAZING but not essential.
  • Someone with experience in journalism would be AMAZING but not essential.
  • Someone with experience using social media would be AMAZING…but actually this one is essential (but if you are reading this, you have already hit this requirement!)
  • Someone who is able to provide two character references (contactable on social media, phone or email)
  • Someone who is immune to being “star struck”.
  • Someone who cares about the truth above all else.

Going to level with you. Our team has unintentionally become very white, very trans feminine and…yeah. We want to get voices from all over in the room when decisions are made. As such we will give first consideration to anyone who is the following:

  • Trans masculine
  • A person of colour
  • A person with disabilities (physical or otherwise)

We cannot pay money (at least…not yet?). We have a patreon but most of that goes to hosting for the podcast, website and zoom pro. What we have left over we are trying to figure out what to do with. Nobody who works on What The Trans gets any money for it. This is a volunteer lead project that makes no attempts to appeal to the mainstream so this will almost certainly never be a “profitable” enterprise (it is the price you pay when your target audience only makes up 0.6% of the global population).

But what you do get is; this is unbelievably good fun and incredibly satisfying. Especially when ridiculous things like this happen: https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/10/labour-minister-blasts-tories-treatment-trans-community-f-disgrace-10148054/

Come join our ridiculous enterprise! APPLY HERE

(Data – The only people who will see the information you submit to the link above are Michelle Snow and Ashleigh Talbot. Nothing sent to us through this will be passed on to anyone else ever and once we have finished with your information it will be deleted. We take privacy very goddam seriously here)