PODCAST: GRT communities are in trouble. Here is how you can help.

Picture of child screaming into microphone

This episode contains references to rape and cultural genocide, specifically about GRT communities.

On this episode

Ashleigh talks about being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
We talk about the first trans MP and the strangest coming out that we have ever seen.
And we talk to Percy from LGBT Traveller Pride about how the new policing bill is the worst.

Some important links for you to follow so you can keep up to date on how you can help the GRT communities who are, at time of writing, about to be put in an even worse situation than they are in right now.

  1. Friends, Families and Travellers

    A charity that seeks to support the GRT community.

  2. LGBT Traveller Pride

    Percy’s organisation. They are very new and very rad.

  3. Travellers Times

    A media outlet for the GRT community. A good place to track what is going on from the GRT perspective.

  4. Kill The Bill

    A coalition of social justice type organisations who have been working hard on killing this bill. A good bunch to follow if you want to attend a protest or hear about when action is happening.

  5. Drive 2 Survive

    Another organisation that is fighting this policing bill. They just got funding for a two year project that will research how this policing bill effects GRT communities. A good one to keep your eye on.