EP 53: Are we sick of cisgender people?


After an extended break Michelle and Ashleigh return to grumble about cis people.

Are we sick of them?

With Shaira Bambi Choudhury (UK Civil Service) and Ciara Murphy (Co-founder of Mindline Trans+).


  1. Ciara Murphy.

    One of the founding members of Mindline Trans+ which offers an understanding safe space for all those who identify on the Transgender spectrum. It’s a joint venture between Mind in Somerset & Mind in Bristol, and has been operating on a Friday & Monday evening from 8pm to midnight since February 2017.


  2. Shaira Bambi Choudhury

    Works in the civil service on the upcoming Census which will be including a gender identity question alongside the previous sexual orientation question as we are making sure everyone counts in 2021. Also a video games technical artist and BAME and trans rights activist.