EP 50 – The UK press lies about trans women being dangerous again…

To celebrate our 50th episode as a podcast thing Michelle and Ashleigh tell their favourite stories from two years of accidentally find themselves on the front lines of the UK’s never-ending transphobic shit-fit. Also…

The Daily Mail and The Times lie about trans women sexually assaulting cis women in prisons AGAIN. And face no consequences AGAIN.

Aimee Stephens, the trans woman who could well be the catalyst for nationwide trans discrimination protections in the US has sadly passed away.

Michelle talks to JessInLond0n about the app she created that is helping COVID-19 patients see their loved ones in hospital

Michelle then wipes her face of tears and talks to Chay from Trans Actual about their new online resource that hopes to fight back against misinformation about the transgender community!

Thank you for an amazing two years! LET’S DO IT AGAIN!


  1. Michelle Wrote a thing in a real paper…website…thing?

    Whilst Michelle is very proud of doing this thing, the whole point was to tell cisgender people why Section 28 was bad and why Liz Truss’ announcement in regards to her intentions for trans equality are ringing all the alarm bells so please send this to every cisgender person you know and even the ones you don’t. Michelle has no ambitions in becoming a professional opinion haver and genuinely believed she would never get a byline ever again but these days we must ALL do what we can to get the word out any way we can. Please follow her example!

  2. Aimee Stephens REST IN POWER!

  3. The Mail lies, The Times sort of ALMOST lies.

    The Mail piece FULL OF LIES (content warning – Monstering trans women, transphobia, sexual assault, rape, a goddam transphobic nightmare, bad journalism, it is the Mail…)
    The Times piece full of technically correct information with a quote from a transphobic nightmare that is full of lies that DO NOT GET QUESTIONED (content warning – see above, they all apply here too)

    (Times is paywalled. But climbing spikes exist ;D)

    The information they based this bullshit on:

    Screencap because that link is a nightmare:

  4. Trans people are helping!

    JessicaLond0n lead a team that made an incredible app that is allowing folks in NHS hospitals to facilitate

    Follow Jess! Tweet her if you can help on the app!

    Chay is also a hero as he has been running Trans Actual for years and in the times of Liz Truss nonsense he has launched a new resource that you should read, learn from and SEND TO ALL YOUR CISGENDER AND TRANSGENDER FRIENDS!

    Do the things here

    Follow Transactual!