EP49: We talk to former “gender critical” trans people!

This week Michelle and Ashleigh chat to Asha (she/her) and Haven (they/them), a trans woman and an agender person who are former members of an anti-trans hate movement (“gender critical feminists”). We ask them:

How do trans people become anti-trans?

What did they experience when they were inside?

How did they escape?

Listen to find out. This one is a real humdinger.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussions on topics including – transphobia, transmedicalism, biological essentialism, online harassment, gaslighting, cults, misogyny, transmisogyny, bigotry against gender-non-conforming people, one brief mention of domestic abuse, Jessica Yaniv, hate groups, terfs, gender critical feminists and everything related to anti-trans activism.


  1. Guest information:

    Haven asked to not link to their social media. They do not want to be bothered. Leave. Them. Alone.

    Asha has given us the okay to share her information:


    DO NOT BE HORRIBLE TO ASHA. She was INCREDIBLY BRAVE for coming on this show and her and Haven both have been through a lot. They were sucked into a hateful world due to a combination of factors and whilst there is no excuse for espousing hate, those who walk away from those movements deserve compassion. Especially those who speak out to warn others. Be kind. Do not be a dick.