We have a blog now, want to stick stuff on it?

So not only are we putting out content for your ears, now we have a place for your eyes to peep at as well!

Isn’t this lovely? Just think of all the things that are possible here!

Like if I really wanted to, I could probably stick a picture of a puppy who is really good friends with a Cheetah right under this text.


So we intend to publish rants, stats, facts and other word-based things from the team. But also, if you want anything published on here just contact us and we can sort it out!

Obviously, we cannot pay you. And we aren’t asking for submissions to fill the site up for us (we are going to be doing that ourselves). But if you want your words on our platform, then we can have a chat about it. But if you want to be paid for your words, you may want to look elsewhere (but Michelle has sold words before, so if you want advice on that…contact us and we can maybe help!).

Now I have to go and try to figure out what the hell to write about…

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