PODCAST – We talked to Labour MP Nadia Whittome about allyship, her party and trans liberation

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Nadia Whittome is the Labour MP for Nottingham East and has regularly stood up in the House of Commons calling out transphobic nonsense. Her party has been widely criticised in the community lately for a whole bunch of reasons and on this episode we talked to her about her allyship, what she thought of the criticisms levelled at Keir Starmer and what direction her party should take on trans liberation.

Also on this episode:

– Nicola Sturgeon is out, but who could replace her and what does that mean for Scottish gender recognition?

– Kemi Badenoch (boo-hiss) is grilled by MPs and gives updates on the government’s worrying plans for gender recognition and the mythical conversion practices ban.

– We tell the strange story of a trans woman being (allegedly…we don’t like getting sued) lied about in the Daily Mail


Kemi Badenoch getting grilled by the Women and Equalities Select Commttee – https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/f822471b-1544-43e8-a7f1-7ec5f4f8361d

“I think I might be the penis woman”; a response to absurd Tory councillor’s rant” – https://transwrites.world/i-think-i-might-be-the-penis-woman-sophie-writes/

Rolling Stone’s article about the weird story of a trans woman being accused of weird shit via the Daily Mail – https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/trans-woman-daily-mail-article-1234690463/