PODCAST – New trans health survey is shocking & how to sound how you want

Picture of child screaming into microphone

On this episode we go Transactual’s report on a survey they put out where they asked 1183 trans people about their healthcare experiences. If you know anything about trans healthcare in the UK, then you will know that this description also counts as a content warning for everything that is awful around trans healthcare.

Also the team talks to Charles Armstrong, a Researcher, Medic and Linguist from CRAMD about how trans people can change how they sound and what you should avoid if doing that voice training thing.

Also…Ashleigh needs a wheelchair and has launched a crowdfunder. Do us a solid and donate here – https://gofund.me/3864f2c8


1. The Transactual report

Read the report here – https://www.transactual.org.uk/transition-access-22

Follow Transactual on all the things


2. Charles Armstrong

Charles runs a discord server where folks can learn about changing their voices.

Go join it.