PODCAST! Episode 69 – “Nice”

Picture of child screaming into microphone

This week:

The BBC did bad so Michelle went to MANY PROTESTS

The government’s conversion therapy ban doesn’t ban conversion therapy?

We talk about kink because, you gotta for the 69th episode

And Michelle stole an award from a child.


  • Michelle won an award, here is her speech: https://twitter.com/vicparsons_/status/1460601397192409093
  • Conversion Therapy consultation Stonewall guidance : https://www.banconversiontherapy.com/guidance-individuals
  • Respond to the consultation HERE: https://equalityhub.citizenspace.com/government-equalities-office/banning-conversion-therapy/
  • Conversion therapy Memorandum of understanding (handily explains what conversion therapy is): https://www.bacp.co.uk/media/13265/memorandum-of-understanding-on-conversion-therapy-in-the-uk-september-2021.pdf
  • Decent round up of the BBC Transphobic article : https://inews.co.uk/news/bbc-article-lynching-trans-people-comments-transphobia-row-1285836
  • Pictures and a report from the BBC protests! https://www.whatthetrans.com/trans-bbc-response/
  • Video of our chat with Mae Martin: https://www.whatthetrans.com/mae-martin-bbc/