EP 59: This pod is very late and too long because bigots attacked the Census

This was the news week that never ended. Seriously. Every goddam day we had to re-write this episode because every day was ridiclous.

3 hero’s quit government advisory committee to protest anti-LGBT nonsense!

Transphobic trouble from the House of Lords!

Fairplay For Women SUCK!

And we break down the latest on the Census with Census Engagement Manager Adam Dale!


Fill it in. Make sure you do the Gender Identity and Sexuality questions. They are optional BUT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED MANDATORY….

…unless you are unable to fill in the Census safely. BUT THERE IS AN OPTION FOR YOU!

You can apply for a seperate Census form that the rest of your Household will NEVER know about and it will override whatever stuff you put on your Households Census. You can be counted as you EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE IN YOUR HOUSE SUCKS.

Here is how.

Request an individual access code here: https://census.gov.uk/en/request/access-code/individual/

Fill in details.


You will get your personal Census in an unmarked envolope. Nobody will be able to tell what it is from the outside. Open all post in the meantime away from bad people’s eyes.