EP 21: The Trans Music Boogie-Tacular!

This bi-week

– Caster Semenya! US Supreme Court dissected! Brazil needs help! Trans woman sues The Times!
– 16 beautiful songs by 16 amazing trans music creators!
– Joined in the bedroom by Husk!


1. Go send Caster Semenya some love!

twitter.com/ caster800m

2. The ACLU in the US is fighting to make LGBT employment equality a real, Supreme Court precedented thing! GIVE THEM MONEY


3. Brazil is in trouble. Help out this awesome community centre in Rio!


(website is in Portuguese, but you can translate on Google Chrome and many other browsers!)

4. Get up to date on a court case that could change British media for the better!

Trans woman sues The Times for transphobic discrimination!


Music guest details!

1. Roma Lane 

Twitter= @ssorensenxo

Find her work on Spotify and Itunes, search Roma Lane!

2. Laya


Personal twitter = @SapphicLaya

Instagram =  Gweelcs_

Facebook = laya Williams 

YouTube: It’s Laya Williams


3. Soft Vowel Sounds

bandcamp = https://softvowelsounds.bandcamp.com/

twitter = @JuliaSerano

blogspot = http://juliaserano.blogspot.com/

4. WangleLine

Soundcloud = https://soundcloud.com/wangleline

YouTube = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcklGgf93ZgT6yAmnzT5mw

Patreon = https://www.patreon.com/WangleLine

5. WheresToday



6. Alex Valentine

Twitter = @Dex01

Bandcamp = https://alexvalentine.bandcamp.com/

7. Chris Hubris

The EP “Celestial Hubris and the Dystopian Birthing Experience” is available for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp!

Bandcamp – https://chrishubris.bandcamp.com

Twitter – @chris_hubris

8. Dispute Settlement Mechanism

Bandcamp = https://disputesettlementmechanism.bandcamp.com/

Dr Ruth’s twitter = @notrightruth

9.  Jacob Ellis

Twitter= @jacobtobias65

Youtube = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0VcpyNYqI2pef-PP7psFVw

10. JC Quick

JCQucikDIY across all social media!

 Will be at IndieTracks festival in July! https://www.indietracks.co.uk/

Bandcamp = https://jcquick.bandcamp.com/

11. Meepo

Soundcloud = https://soundcloud.com/user-757575787

Twitter = @skinnythe1

12. Polythene Pam

Website = http://polythenepamband.com

13. Thousand Verbs

Search Thousand Verbs on Spotify, Apple Musis and Google Music!


14. Loose Changling


Bandcamp = https://loosechangeling.bandcamp.com/

15. Husk

Website = Husknoise.com

Search @husknoise on all social medias!

Bandcamp = https://husknoise.bandcamp.com/

16. St Lucifer – The Enemy (band)