Ep 15: There is a fascist running Brazil right now

This bi-week:

– Ashleigh returns to the podcasting fold!

– Meesh and Ash talk to Alis, a non-binary trans girl from Brazil who talks about life under fascist jair bolsonaro

– Terfs go on tour with the far right!

– Hbomberguy bashes Graham Linehan with DONKEY KONG

And Michelle reveals an awkward childhood crush!


References for Episode 15

Episode 15

1. Lambda legal

Organisation fighting the anti-trans trump bullshit. Give them money!


2. American Civil Liberties Union

Organisation fighting all the different kinds of Trump bullshit. Give them money!


3. Buzzfeed article on the state of LGBT media


4. Transtopia

A podcast by the cats at My Genderation, check it out!


5. Casa 1

Brazilian LGBTQ shelter (site is in Portuguese, use google chrome to translate).

Give them money!

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